Xenia: is an Xbox 360 simulation device, and it is not possible to enjoy the user's preparation products. But it provides very interesting projects for a solid foundation.

What is Xenia?

First, you need to make sure you work on Windows 8.1 before using Xenia simulator. The simulator is not compatible with Windows 7 (or earlier).

After the first obstacle of the operating system, there is another. MicrosoftVisualstudio 2015 should be installed and Python 2.7. Without them, the emulator will be invalid.

In fact, for everyone who knows each other, Xenia is a continuous development project, and some games can imitate some games (the official website has a compatible list). Most compatibility.

  • Require: To use Xenia, you need to install Microsoft Visual Studio and Python 2.7. In short, you can imitate the game, but this is still a relatively difficult task.

For the main reason, the Xenia simulator is a very interesting project. The first Xbox360 simulator seems to be the emulator of the Xbox 360. Try to download video games.

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