Wakuoo: is a Android simulator that allows you to appreciate the entire directory of huge operating system. For example; you can play the last version, such as regression and PUBG phones, such as the real classic on mobile phones, such as Temple Run and Candy Crush Crush Saga.

What is Wakuoo?

As usual, in the Android simulator field, Wakuo can freely configure all types of comfort. You can use the keyboard and mouse to play shooting games, or you can use the mouse if you only need to control the mouse.

The reason why Wakuo can play so many Android games is that you can use Google Play in the simulator itself by default. You can also configure the playground to copy the third action title.

Therefore, the download and installation of video games is very simple and comfortable, but some of them are not compatible with the structure of the simulator.

If there is a problem, you can still check the configuration settings. This allows you to change.

Wakuo is an Android simulator suitable for Windows. From the comfort of the computer, this can enjoy thousands of games. The simulator also has good results and has many technical characteristics.

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