Vita3K: is the best simulation used in PS VITA, and PS Vita is the last portable console started by Sony. PSP's successor is not as successful as his predecessor, but still has interesting games.

What is Vita3K?

Many sold units can be provided on PSP to release more games. As far as PS VITA VITA3K is concerned, this is the first simulator to imitate the Sony game machine game. It takes a step to retain the history of video games.

Vita PlayStation's most popular names include Gravity Rush, unknown: Golden Abyss, Tear, 4 Golden, Killzone:

  • Mercnary, Dragon's Crown and Long Etera. The simulator has a list of games compatible with the official website.

Vita3k installation is very simple. It is necessary to unlock the file in the .zip format and execute the simulator .exe.

After that, you need to install the last burial firmware and text source. You can visit the menu where you can download the game.

Fanally, therefore, if you want to try the best access PS Vita simulator, you can download VITA3K. Whether you can play or not, if you start using it, you can reach the main menu. I have.

Especially at the beginning of the market. In contrast, PSP sold 82 million units, and he sold 16 million game consoles in his life.

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