VBA-M: is an emulator for all Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games. Also with this simulator you can play almost all the video games of the most famous Nintendo handheld.

What is VBA-M?

You can imitate the original game boy, game boy and even game boy Advance, which is one of the best portable game consoles in history.

This is the successful project of the cancellation of the project, the successor of the cancellation project, and the restoration and expansion of other developers.

In addition to the logical advantages of the opportunity played in Nintendo's top three laptops, VBA-M also provides many other interesting advantages.

One of the most obvious things is to record audio and video directly from the simulator itself. To be precise, you can not only create screenshots of the screen, but also write all the videos.

The most common advantage of all simulation is to rescue games at any time, thanks to the general features of "SaveState". Otherwise, the truck activation tool will allow you to use exclusive advantages, depending on which game.

In a list compatible with VBA-M, you can find specialized rights to find Pokemon, Castle Vannia, Metroid, Metroid, Zelda, Resident Evil, Winal Fantasy or Super Mario.

The VBA-M-IDeal simulation of the transplant console can be found in Windows. In general, you can enjoy 1,000 Nintendo Classics, distributed in three magnificent game consoles and game boys.

Finally, game boys color and game boy Advance. Entertainment and potential entertainment cost hundreds or thousands of hours.

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