Speccy: can emulate most Spectrum models, from 48, 128 and 48k versions to the latest +2 and +3. It can also emulate hardware devices such as mice, printers and joysticks.

What is Speccy?

One of the most popular 8-bit computers of the 80s and early 90s was Sinclair's ZX Spectrum, and thanks to the Speccy emulator, nostalgic people can relive those memories.

It lets you play video games from that platform from any modern Windows PC and includes such classics as Fred, The Abbey of Crime and Mad Mix.

Downloadable file formats include:

  1. Z80.
  2. SNA.
  3. TAP.
  4. TZX.
  5. FDI.
  6. TRD.
  7. SCL.

Although they cannot be loaded instantly because they are loaded at the same speed as cassette tapes.

The program can also convert the input signal into a MIDI sequence and store it in a digital format for later loading. This is especially useful when loading games directly from the tape itself through the audio input port.

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