Remix OS

Remix OS: is a type of Android application on the Windows operating system and similar virtualization tools. Alternatively, you can display the keyboard so that the same content is equal to the assumption of virtualization.

What is Remix OS?

Remix OS player is a simulator of the same name based on AndroidX86, allowing you to install the Android operating system on the desktop device.

This option cannot completely capture our commands, but can display the operating system in the Windows window and perform operations between the two systems.

The main advantage of the hybrid operating system player is his interface. A complex platform with a window window and a taskbar aims to easily manage the mouse and keyboard.

Of course, you can use most of the application directory to use a large number of compatibility and many discounts. Ordinary control without rejecting all the advantages of Android.

The mixing OS player is one of the best alternatives that can be found when using the same method in similar virtualization tools (such as VirtualBox) You can give everything.

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