Redream: is a mythical Dreamcast, Mothical Dreamcast, provides one of the simplest simulation in windows. Therefore, you can play one of the most symbolic names in history, such as radio frequency broadcasting.

What is Redream?

CRAY taxi, space channels, ShenMew, Power Stone and Soul Calibur. One of the advantages of Redream is very simple. No need to load BIOS or perform complex configuration.

GAME ROM must be used by the same folder as executable files and automatically recognizes them. In the same way, the simulator automatically recognizes the command connected to the computer and the "map".

You can simply get access to the optional Redream menu. On the system tab, you can choose the area, language and type of simulation cable. On the other hand, the "Video" tab allows you to select resolution, appearance coefficient and some graphics parameters.

Everything is simple and very intuitive. On the "Management" tab, the default parameter is very good, but you can manually configure the control of the keyboard.

Finally, this allows you to access some advanced options to further improve the graphics quality of the game.

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