PURPLE: is the official emulator par excellence NCSoft to play its Lineage 2M game on Windows. Not only that, but the second installment of the Lineage saga will be the first title, while the rest of the games developed by NCSoft in Korea ("Aion" and "Blaade & Soul") will be released later.

What is PURPLE?

Purple: Play 2M blood in Windows -NCSOFT simulation device. The second payment of the installment payment "Legend" is not only the name, but also the remaining games developed by South Korean companies NCSOFT (AION, Blade & Soul) will be provided later.

Otherwise, purple provides a series of excellent configuration options so that computer needs can adapt to the gaming experience. Therefore, if you have a powerful computer, you can be higher than the graphics you see on the mobile device.

Others of purple very interesting advantages are that we can broadcast games through "streaming" and communicate with all members of all clan and other 2 million players. In fact, this program is a simulator of NCSoft games and social networks.

For those who want to use the system as much as possible, violet is very important. To better, you can create the "passing" game as much as possible.

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