PSX: This is the first simulation of the PlayStation game. You can enjoy it on the PC of this game console. If your old playstation stops working, then you still have a series of games.

What is PSX?

The PSX simulator does not require the function of the plug -in, but if you need to install the first BIOS played. Put it in the BIOS directory to detect the simulator.

Before starting the game, you need to convert the playStation game into one of the following two images: .cue or Bin. You can also create a CDZTool.exe tool containing a CDZ compressed image in the image of the CDZ format.

  • Notes: Therefore, the D3DX9_26.dll cannot be found. Therefore, if the next error occurs when the program error is performed in the application, the bookstore can be downloaded.

It is the first time to work, but it is not open now. Disassembling and installation have not been resolved. Is there anything better?

Add options to add human cunning code. There is always a strange group error. For example, the game is included in a new area, but the game shows the black screen.

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