PPSSPP: is a PSP simulator (PLAYSTATION PORTable), which can play most of the directory and first portable. Sony console on the computer screen, which can increase the resolution.

What is PPSSPP?

The first thing to attract PPSSP was developed by a Gamecube and Wiis Moster Emulator. It was a volume of the configuration option. For example, at the graphics level of VSYNC, the opposite sex filter or filtering force can be activated.

If there are several configuration parameters, PPSSPP is also provided when setting the control. The simulator is equipped with intuitive tools to configure all control elements, so you don't need to use Joy2Key.

PPSSPP is a good way to enjoy most PSP directory on the computer. And it is best to play all the above games in a comfortable way, but it is also better than the best graphics quality of the original console.

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