PCSX-Reedux: is an excellent emulator with the help of PC. You can enjoy the entire Sony desktop console. What you need is only a 35 MB available space to reduce the hard disk driver used to reduce the simulator.

What is PCSX-Redux?

PCSX-Reedux is a PCSX PCSX code based on source code PCSX, transmits the code to the current standard, leaves the plug-in system, writes all OpenGL3+/imgui, and promotes its tolerance.

When starting PCSX-Reedux, the first thing you noticed is that unlike other simulators, it is already included in the Bios OpenBios series. PCSX-Rehux compatibility list has been completed. In other words, the simulator is compatible with the entire game PSX directory.

From the menu, you can make a PlayStative memory card or management. You can also choose to upload some of the scheduled solutions to provide any aspects of the game we are trying.

Therefore, you can immediately load the ISO to the hard disk drive. If everything goes well, it will work without problems. In any case, if we like it and manually get them, we can download our own BIOS PlayStation.

In principle, all games can run completely and can play from beginning to end. This simulator allows you to play video games directly from the original disk, but you can also use ISO or binary.

Finally, PCSX-RRRUX does not have a lot of composition options like another simulationer, but everything is necessary. In addition, we also provide improvement of rendering experience. This is always evaluated.

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