NoxPlayer: is an Android emulator for computers that can emulate Google's mobile operating system. He talked about the conflict of group caliber, Instagram, subway surfers, kitchen stories or pipe comrades.

What is NoxPlayer?

NoxPlay is one of the best Android emulators to play your favorite games on PC.


  1. To play your favorite games quickly and fluently.
  2. Supports keyboard, gamepad and screenshot controls.
  3. Supports games and applications to enjoy the newest and most popular games.

Nox Player is an Android simulator that can use almost all applications of the operating system without leaving the computer.

NOX Player's operating system is based on Android. You can choose version 4.4.2, 5.1.1 and 7.1. This allows you to use all applications in a huge platform directory. In addition, the operating systems of these versions may be the most commonly used and extended, so almost all users are familiar.

One of the advantages of NOX player is the configuration option. You can configure hardware, processor virtual machines and RAMs, and use Vitualize configuration resolution or rendering system.

To download the application, you can drag the APK file into the proprietary window or download it directly from the integrated browser. Another very interesting choice is management management.

When performing an application, you can display the virtual button in a simple and intuitive way. In less than a minute, you can configure the keyboard and mouse and adapt to Android games.

In addition, due to the protocol between NOX and Uptodown, our official applications (Uptodown Market applications) are installed as standard tools, so you can download and execute the entire application directory. The same is true of the virtual machine we created.

NOX player is the powerful Android simulator of Windows. This allows you to enjoy all the interesting applications existing the most widely used mobile operating system.

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