Nestopia: es el mayor emulador Android para que puedas jugar con otros usuarios en Internet.Β It is also an important emulator for NES that allows you to play on the net every day from your PC.

What is Nestopia?

Nestopia is an open-source Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator written in C++. It is designed to emulate the hardware as accurately as possible. It was originally intended for Windows, but was later ported to Mac OS X and Linux.

The NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM, also known as the NES, has marked the lives of many gamers. Just insert the cartridge, turn on the TV, and you can play all new and new games of all kinds.

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator is very well known in the emulator world.

Nestopia is a cross-platform, open-source Nintendo NES console emulator designed to emulate the hardware as accurately as possible.

This not only imitates many processes based on the console, but also imitates a long string of peripheral equipment.

The impressive graphics, the volume sound and the last game console excellent gameplay cannot be deducted from the great classic of the video game industry.

In addition, Wii allows the Sega Megadrive name to imitate other machine games that can be followed by other machine games.

Well, if you look for the emulator in the first game console game Nintendo (called NES or Famicom), Nestopia is a good choice.

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