Nebula: is an emulator that is a powerful emulator for games of this video console for Neo-Geo games. The program's interface is very attractive, but it does not have an installer.

What is Nebula?

This application emulates the hardware of the CAPCOM CPS2 motherboards. So it is specially prepared to work with games such as Street Fighter, Dungeons & Dragons and those starring Marvel characters.

Its directory structure is similar to that of Mame. To be able to play you must copy the ROM's of the games to the ROMs folder.

Nebula does not include games by itself. On the Internet there are dozens of pages with ROMs that you can download for free.

  • NOTES: to be able to play it is necessary to install the Neo-Geo ROM itself, which you can download by clicking on the corresponding place.

Remember those wonderful moments you spent in the past with classics such as Metal Slug, Super SideKicks, Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters, etcetera.

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