MEmuPlay: is a free Android emulator for Windows computers. If your computer meets the minimum requirements.

What is MEmuPlay?

MEmu Play is an Android emulator for PC that specializes in video games, allowing you to enjoy many exclusive cell phone and tablet games right from your computer.


  1. No complicated configuration required.
  2. No problems with control settings.
  3. Focused on everything from installation to game play.
  4. Easy Android game software installation.

MEMU is an Android simulator specializing in video games. This allows you to enjoy the exclusive name of many mobile phones and tablets from the computer. There is no difficulty configuration, everything is designed to install and play, there is no problem when setting the control.

The installation of Android video games on another Android simulator may be a relatively complicated process. However, in MEMU, click the "APK" icon on the right side of the interface, select APK to play and wait for a few seconds.

After that, the problem -related game has been set and ready. You can play one of them in the accident clan, subway surfer, mini frame, geometric dashboard... PC.

But it's not just MEMU installation games. Generally, the control is completely configured, so you can play video games on the keyboard or mouse to be more convenient.

At present, if the control system does not like us, it is necessary to change it with only the corresponding interface options. This is easy. You can also use Xbox 360 or similar commands.

Memu is an excellent Android simulation device. This is because the PC can access the entire directory of the operating system. We are talking about thousands of games that can be enjoyed on the computer screen.

The most important thing is that there is no need to have a particularly powerful team to make the game very smooth.

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