MAME: is an alternative that is a simulator of various types of entertainment machines. No matter which board or technology is used, it can be used on unlimited game PCs. Each new version list.

What is MAME?

Is the abbreviation of multiple analogs of arcade machines. If the machine appears in the game, Proyetco MAME focuses on the protection of software.

In view of the fact that it is impossible to use local devices to start many classic games. They are still nostalgic for those who enjoy arcade rooms in childhood and adolescence. This is the only way to maintain a specific inheritance.

Since the work of the community has made decades of contributions to the project, MAME allows too many plates. From MVS Neo Geo to CPCCOM CPS, you can use 100 % accurate simulation games through the SEGA or Irem PLCA system series.

Is BIN safe?

Yes, beans are completely safe. The simulator is zero in the virus report and has never participated in contradictions related to malware or security gaps.

Where is the place to download ROM with MAME?

You can download completely legal mothers from many different web pages. For example, in the Internet file, you can find hundreds of free ROMs for games.

Is my mother free?

Yes, the mother is 100 % free. MAME's source code is free, and the project is allocated according to the GNU GPL license, but some permits of the code are bound by BSD-3.

How many games do you have?

Moms may have thousands of games. Many web pages allow you to find a completely legal ROM, which can include more than 1,000 games on different machines.

Using the simulator, you can make control elements, save the game, and change the graphic parameters to add a filter after processing.

The main version of MAME does not include the user interface and The game does not include in the simulator. But as MAME64 and their borders come, they have changed. This is not a necessary condition.

Finally, therefore, MAME is the best solution to play classic video games. Whether to use PC to operate and connect to real arcade machines.

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