KoPlayer: is a powerful Android emulator that lets you enjoy all the apps and video games. Your favorite operating system for tablets and cell phones right from your PC. Frankly, you'll be able to do it amazingly smoothly and stably.

What is KoPlayer?


  1. Google Play is installed in the emulator.
  2. No configuration required.
  3. There are many options for customizing the controls.

Koplayer is a powerful Android simulation device. You can directly use PC to appreciate all applications and video games on your favorite operating system. We can do this with amazing and amazing liquid and stability.

One of the advantages of Koplayer is no configuration. At the end of the installation, just open the simulator for the first time, you can prepare everything. Start download the application and move and play video games via the simulator through the Internet. exist.

In addition, Koplayer is very convenient when installing applications. By default, Google Play is installed on the simulator. This is a simple way to download applications. Now you can download the application from the vertical city, or you can drag the APK file in the simulator window.

Another force of a car is a huge opportunity to control. This simulator is specifically designed to play video games, which allows you to configure control elements in a very simple and intuitive way. After a few seconds, you can make keyboards, mouses or "playgrounds". Therefore, we can conflict with the angry birds and mice.

Koplayer's more interesting advantages are not only the composition of screen resolution, but also comfortable images and videos. In other words, you can always make Android virtual screens or small.

Koplayer is an excellent Android simulator that provides a lot of quality and quality. Thanks to him, you can directly enjoy the extensive Android video games, as well as the quality of excellent videos and audio.

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