iDeaS: this is a high-fidelity emulator for all video games on arm7 and arm9 NintendoDS processors. It is important that it has the particularity to Emulate Nintendo DS that reproduces its two screens.

What is iDeaS?

Also some challenges that the first one makes to the BIOS of the console. It lets you enjoy popular Nintendo DS games in a realistic way on your PC.

The iDeaS reproduces images on two Nintendo DS screens and emulates the touchpad almost perfectly (92%, according to the author).

Controls are done with the mouse and the left button. Other controls are the arrow keys, Z, X, A, S, Q, W, Shift and Return.

Currently this version of the emulator still has room for improvement, and there is a large list of ROMs to emulate, although the NO$GBA emulator is recommended.

How do you create a worthless iDeaS that doesn't work with many ROMs? The emulator screen doesn't stretch to large videos or at least x2.

Finally. Games that can be emulated range from Super Mario DS to Age of Empires, Castlevania, Trauma Centre, Dragon's Lair, etc.

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