Flycast: an emulator for the Sega Dreamcast and Naomi and Atomiswave boards, based on the legendary Reicast. It is also (another classic Dreamcast emulator), but unfortunately discontinued in 2020.

What is Flycast?

Flycast: Like Saga March and Naomi and Atomis Wave board, it is obtained from the mythical Reast (another classic dream simulator). Unfortunately, it became active in 2020.

However, the fork will receive cyclical updates. Improve the compatibility of a very extensive directory with the SEGA console, as well as the advantages and stability of the simulator itself.

The list compatible with Flycast is very wide, covering almost all Sega Dreamcast and Naomi games. Which allows them to find the best legendary representative in the history of video games.

Supportable formats include CHD, CDI, GDI and queue. Compressed ZIP as files, 7Z and DAT. Sega Naomi 2, Hikaru and Sega System SP do not support the names of the simulator.

Like the BIOS theme, it can create unique backups from the console and board of the house. the Internet. After having BIOS, you can play Rum in a few seconds, just place it in the same directory as the simulator.

Flycast is an excellent Dreamcast simulator. For many people, you can enjoy most of the highest game consoles in history. Early death did not get all the love game consoles.

Finally, at present, with this simulator, this is a console, and you can continue to receive love on our computer.

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