Emulatorx: is the best platform for video game fans who enjoy digital entertainment on computers. All you need is the original game and also play all game consoles on your computer.

What is Emulatorx?

Emulatorx allows users to play game machine video games for less than 4 years. How? It is very easy and integrates the simulation device of the main game console in the past 15 years.

Therefore, the main menu of the program can directly access of:

  1. Super Nintendo.
  2. giant drive.
  3. game boy Advance.
  4. Nintendo DS.
  5. PSP.
  6. Nintendo 64.
  7. PlayStation 2.
  8. Xbox.
  9. Even Game Cube.
  10. Wii simulator.

Some simulators, such as PSP and Xbox, have very limited functions (they rarely run some games under good conditions), but the fact is thousands of surprises. about it.

If you have a powerful computer, you can play the name of Wii or PlayStation 2 with better graphics compared to the original console.

Latest Top 50 Emulators:

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