Dolphin: is the best Nintendo Wii and GameCube emulator Android currently available for PC and Mac. There are many options in the settings that can improve performance or degrade graphics quality.

What is Dolphin?

The good thing about emulators is that in most cases (if the device is relatively new). They offer better graphics than the original console.

This is because the Wii hardware is much less powerful than current graphics cards. Which can display games in high resolution (yes, Wii in HD).

You also have the freedom to configure the Wii controller and (if you have an adapter) connect the Wiimote to your computer.

Dolphin is the definitive Wii and Gamecube emulator. Of course, almost all games are best controlled with a regular controller.

It's also constantly updated, so games that don't work one day will work like silk the next. It allows you to seamlessly use almost the entire catalog of Nintendo desktop consoles.

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