Citra: is a PC's 3DS NINTENDO simulator. In addition to opening many features to improve the visual express. The visual expression of the moderate resolution used by Nintendo Portic, it can also run 100 % commercial games.

What is Citra?

The simulator can visualize the two screens in real time, but it can display a screen on the full screen and the assigning buttons between them.

As for the management, you can use the keyboard control and the map control of the external game handle at the same time. For the touch control of the screen below, you can use the mouse directly when you press.

Games such as PokémonsoryLuna and Zelda: The connection between the world is impressive.

Citra may be the best 3DS Nintendo simulator we can find. This is an open source project created in a selfless way, allowing you to enjoy tablets with tabletop equipment. The simulator does not contain ROM. Require:

  • A graphical card, supports more than 64 bits in OpenGL 3.3 and Windows 7.

Citra supports many games in 2D and 3D in 2D and 3D, but the latter allows the zoom license to completely convert some games into the name without deleting laptops, and the simulator is more shining.

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