Cemu: is the impressive simulation device of Wii US, which can play a good quality in the Nintendo console. In addition, in order to optimize different applications from each header and achieve the maximum 4K resolution.

What is Cemu?

With constant development, many names can be performed with 1080p/60fps, and the range of compatibility range of each new version will increase.

  • Super Mario 3D World: Toadure Tracker Captain and Xenoblade Chronicle X and other games have no problems or reduced frame rates at all.

You can configure the simulation itself in a specific game and "prevention" load. This method allows you to play a more serious name.

  • Such as the Legend of Zelda: The breath of the wild or Bayonetta 2. There is almost no productivity or compatibility.

For the control system, you can follow the standard Wii U, Pro or classic controller. Many games can be executed without touch screens.

So you can use mouse or external mats under any problem, and you can display your favorite buttons. But interacting with the screen supplements the interaction, please use the mouse to click the required you need area.

This will be completed. For the audio detector, you can display any key or button and make it equal when knocking on the command.

CEMU is an impressive simulation device. Due to excellent performance and visual improvement of the original machine, it provides a second life in Wii U game.

To work, you need at least 4 GB RAM and a graphics card that supports OpenGL 4.0 or higher.

Compatible with CEMU -What is the Wii U simulator?

CEMU compatible with the list-wii U simulation can be directly consulted from the official website. The list contains the name of franchise, such as "Legend of Zelda" and "Super Mario Brothers". And Bayonetta.

Does the simulator CEMU -Wii U have an online function?

Yes, CEMU -Wii U simulator supports online. The configuration process may be a bit complicated, but the official website allows you to find a textbook in one step.

Is CEMU SAFE-WIIU simulator?

Yes, CEMU -Wii U simulator is completely safe. No software version has no single positive in the virus. The program can also be obtained on GitHub. Here, you can easily check the code.

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